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Nikee Accounting Services, in UK


Bookeeping Services

We offer general bookkeeping services to our clients, by completing your books and records on a regular basis to ensure that your financial records are kept up to date throughout the year in preparation for the year end accounts. We can provide assistance with the installation and training of your staff on leading accounting software packages, in other to enable you carry out your bookkeeping processes more effectively, if you choose to.


Financial Accounts

Having done the bookkeeping, year-end accounts need to be prepared. We prepare monthly, quarterly or yearly accounts for our clients. We will ensure that your accounts comply with statutory requirements and are kept up to date with the UK and International Accounting Standards.


Payroll Services

Take the pressure off and give yourself the time to focus on developing your business by outsourcing your payroll to Nikee Accounting Services

Organisations with employees are now obliged to file their year-end returns on-line. Take advantage of our efficient payroll services and leave yourself free of worries about Payroll Annual Returns or P35s or Form P11D. We guarantee a fast, flexible and accurate payroll service that removes the pressure of calculating your statutory requirements


Taxation and Tax Planning

Tax is likely to be one of the biggest expenses faced by any business. With careful corporate tax planning, it is possible to reduce this expense, and increase tax efficiencies. Nikee Accounting Services offers a range of services to help our clients’ businesses achieve this. Our specialist tax team deals with all aspects of tax services, including: personal tax, business tax, inheritance tax and capital gain tax.


Vat Returns

VAT is a self-assessed tax and thus businesses are expected to correctly interpret and implement the law and any changes that may have arisen. Failure to correctly calculate your vat liability can lead to an unwanted inspection along with penalties, surcharges and interest charges and potentially significant VAT arrears.

At the same time many firms are unaware of what VAT they may reclaim.

Here at Lesser & Co we have the expertise and experience to help you with any VAT queries.

We can offer:

  • Professional and practical advice on how VAT interacts with your individual business circumstances
  • General compliance issues such as VAT registration/de-registration
  • The completion and timely submission of VAT returns
  • A comprehensive VAT dispute service. We will review any VAT assessments and deal with Customs & Excise accordingly
  • Submission requests for local review and formal appeals to the VAT and Duties Tribunal
  • Practical advice for VAT savings such as, switching to the flat rate VAT scheme for small business, if your business has few costs and overheads, and your turnover is less than £150,000 per annum

Management Accounts

When running a business it is essential that you monitor the company's performance on a regular basis. Accurate information is important to enable strategic planning for the future and effective decision making. Good management information enables the directors to make sound business decisions by: Identifying problems before they appear,

Monitoring an ongoing project, Comparing actual performance for the period in question to budget figures and identifying causes of any variances, monitoring a loan and ensuring there is sufficient profit to meet interest payments.We can assist by:

  • Liaising with the bank or provider of finance and producing for them the necessary information needed.
  • Producing budgeted and actual management accounts on a monthly or quarterly basis.
  • Providing a summary of any variances, their causes and possible solutions.
  • Aiding on the design and application of management accounts systems on your existing software.
  • Advise on an appropriate pricing strategy.
  • Provide ongoing business coaching.

Corporate Training

We specialize in corporate training, enroll your staff today on any of our practical accountancy training courses. Our training will improve your business's processes and productivity while your staff will become outstanding.

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